snow sounds and other more important events

Hi friends and readers,

So I’m two weeks in to the spring semester following a long and restful break in North Carolina. The weather on the NC coast was lovely. The weather here in Pennsylvania has been less so, with a snow dump on the first weekend of the semester and a freakish 40 degree spike to follow. In between writing, lesson planning, and KonMari-ing all my dresser drawers, I’m learning to become less startled by the sudden roar of a large sheet of snow rolling off the roof. The first time I heard it, I thought the house was tearing apart.

Fortunately, the house has not torn apart. In fact, everything has gone smoothly this month, with classes off the ground and running. An open schedule in February will give me some time to plan for March, which will be hectic and wonderful and, let’s face it, exhausting. But this is where I’ll be, if you’re curious:

March 7: Charleston, South Carolina. Thrilled to take part in the Crazyhorse Reading Series at the College of Charleston. Thank you, Original Mentor Tony Varallo for helping set this up for me. I can’t wait return to my undergrad campus as an author, and to see all the students who were exactly where I was eleven years ago.

Mar 22-24: Winston Salem, North Carolina. I’ll be teaching a seminar at Press 53’s High Road Festival of Poetry and Short Fiction. My seminar focuses on point of view, one of my all time favorite things to talk about, specifically how to write first-person narrators.

Mar 27-30: Portland, Oregon. The AWP Conference. I will be there this year, rooming with my genius-mentor Joanna Eleftheriou and taking needed breaks from the chaos in the Emily Dickinson Quiet Reading room (yes, they have that). I’m not a fan of these massive conferences — but! Good things abound. Moderator Michael Pritchard brought me on last minute to participate in a panel on historical fiction (I’ll be stepping in for Allison Amend, whose books look fascinating; check her out immediately). I’ll also be selling books there, and plans for a couple other events are in the works, times and locations unconfirmed.

If you’re going to be around for any of these events, I’ll be happy to see your face.

In the meantime, stay strange (and warm)!


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