Jen’s debut short story collection was published in 2018 as winner of Press 53’s Short Fiction Award.


Praise for Earthly Delights and Other Apocalypses:

“In Earthly Delights and Other Apocalypses, Jen Julian takes your hand and leads you slowly into a world where ghosts lurk in houses full of strange objects, time and space expand and contract at will, and characters grapple with loss, survival, and what it means to be human. These stories, deliciously flavored with science fiction and Southern Gothic, are subtle and fine-wrought, each sentence pulling you forward to a beautiful or breathtaking conclusion. Every story in this collection is a gem.”
—EMILY CATANEO, author of Speaking to Skull Kings and Other Stories

“I love Jen Julian’s stories. They’re wise, weird, and steeped in an alluring darkness. They’re also deeply felt and resonate with true feeling. This is a stunning risk-taking debut and one that I’ll be returning to often.”
—BRYAN HURT, author of Everyone Wants to Be Ambassador to France

“This collection will take the top of your head off. Anglerfish. Sex Robots. Sensatones and stereograms. Time travel and Kairotic displacement disorder. Julian’s fiction has it all: the relevance of realism, the imaginative leaps of fabulism, the philosophical depth of S/F. These stories did more than entertain me—they actually changed my mind.”
—TRUDY LEWIS, author of The Empire Rolls: A Novel

Earthy Delights is full of motherfucking crocodiles: good stories that shouldn’t be true, that couldn’t be true, that flagrantly violate both the rules of reality and the conventions of the genre(s) they inhabit, but that are nonetheless so well told that we’re forced, as Samuel Taylor Coleridge enjoins us, to suspend our disbelief in the patently absurd “facts” of the narrative to get at the tart fruit that lies just underneath.”
DALE BAILEY, author of Night Wood and The End of the End of Everything, in The North Carolina Literary Review

What an absolutely fantastic debut collection Earthly Delights is. Jen Julian has a vivid imagination and the storytelling chops to match. Her characters face quandaries as well as conflict, all set in interesting and diverse locales. I loved watching these characters figure their way through their dilemma, sometimes making wise decisions, but sometimes being human, making mistakes. That’s okay, though, as mistakes are usually more interesting.

—MICHAEL CZYZNIEJEWSKI, author of  I Will Love You For the Rest of My Life: Breakup Storiesin Story336

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